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Service Activation Request

Below are the steps needed for requesting a service on the Internet Exchange (IX):

1. The Member may independently request (and contract) the physical interconnection to one of TOPIX network nodes according to the procedures outlined in the IX Service Description. For more information please contact

2. The Member officially requests to TOPIX the activation of the service, sending the service activation form after having read and accepted the Terms of Service (ToS).

3. TOPIX officially informs the Member about the service request reception, together asking the payment of the Service Fees (Article 7 of the By-Laws) to be paid for the requested services.

4. TOPIX informs the Members by e-mail (using the technical/NOC data provided during the membership process) about all the technical information needed for the interconnection to TOPIX network infrastructure:

• Switch/Router/Patch Panel to be used;

• IP addresses and VLAN ID to assign to the router interface.

5. The Member can now settle peering agreements (public and/or private) with any other Member of the independently without any technical and economic influence by TOPIX. All Members are required to give formal communication to TOPIX about each new peering agreement (stating explicitly whether it is public or private peering), and to keep updated the Peering Table (available on the website, within the members area).

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