BIG DIVE2 | 5 weeks, June 2013

By in DevelopmentProgram

The TOP-IX consortium is glad to announce the second edition of BIG DIVE, 5 intensive weeks starting on June 2013 entirely dedicated to the training of Data Scientists.

After a successful debut with the number zero in October 2012, with the participation of 20 students from 8 different countries, BIG DIVE repeats the winning formula and the mix of knowledges in coding, visualization, and science.

The challenge for the second bunch of Divers is once again acquiring the skills needed to handle large amounts of data generated by the web (and not only) and, above all, being able to set out examples and use cases designed to prove their true value. In this context, investments in sectors such as finance, healthcare, logistics, social and business intelligence are and will be significant, but now we need concrete scenarios in which the value of BIG DATA is effectively tangible, and not only a consequence of the media hype.

Precisely for this reason, and to give more space to the project by participants the course has been extended by one week.

The organisational team remains on the other hand unchanged: together with consortium TOP-IX, BIG DIVE is organised in collaboration with Axant (coding), ISI Foundation (Science) and (Visualization).

Registrations are open on the site as well as sponsorship opportunities and partnerships on technical side.