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After five weeks, the second edition of BIG DIVE officially closed on Friday July 5. BIG DIVE is the training program, organized by TOP-IX, in partnership with, ISI Foundation and ToDo, aimed at enhancing the technical skills needed to manage Big Data: Development, Visualization and Data Science.

During the first four weeks of lessons teachers by ISI Foundation, ToDo and Axant shared the stage with prestigious guests, including Francesco D’Orazio (Chief Innovation Officer at FACE), Mitch Pirtle (CO-founder at Joomla and CTO at Sounday) and Steve Johnson (author of MrJob library). The last 5 days instead were dedicated to the final projects realization.

Four groups worked on datasets provided by CSI Piemonte and Public Administration, RAI, Nexa Center for Internet and Society and TOP-IX.

1. #piedmontheritage group (Marco Sors, Maximilien Rzepka and Andrea Peretti) worked on the dataset provided by CSI Piemonte “Guarini – Regional Law 34/95 – Preservation and enhancement of the historical places”. Starting from the data on the historical locations, the group created a visualization with an highlight on the major points of interest in Piedmont. The result is a browsable and interactive web page including a geolocalized cultural heritage map.

2. #bdsquared group (Erika Vicaretti, Piero Molino, Francesco Corazza and David Martin-Borregòn) worked on the RAI dataset. It contains a list of links about news, showing trends over time and thematic relations between words and different topics. The result is an interactive visualization representing a graph where each node is a word and the arcs show the relationships.

3. #gramscidevoted group (Giuseppe Futia, Enrico Zimuel and Rocco Corriero) analyzed the dataset by Nexa, containing data collected by Neubot, a research project on network neutrality. The group visualized the network neutrality, aggregated by countries, providers and Neubot instances. The output is a view of the world where you can explore the neutrality level estimation.

4. #KeepItSimple group (Alex Comunian) focused on TOP-IX dataset, containing all the Consortium streaming platform server logs. The project was divided into two parts: the first aimed at searching trends or mathematical models suitable for the web radio throughout; the second aimed at creating a report about the exchange of streaming platform traffic in 2012. The final display is the amount of traffic transferred during the year, highlighting the “points of interest”.

Finally the student Adiya Abisheva, worked on a personal project focused on the analysis of a social network about Swiss politicians interactions.