New Website for EURO-IX

By in InternetExchange

The EURO-IX new website is now online! Usual place but a new look: a new layout that improve the usability and make it more intuitive the website navigation, which makes finding information much quicker and easier.

Enhanced in its contents, is composed in six headings: on EURO-IX website is possible to find the description of the Association and all its activities, the video about what is an IXP and the list of all IXPs of the world and the members of EURO-IX. At the companies is dedicated a single page with their main informations and contacts.

A new section of the website is committed to “Networks“: a collection of the chief information and some configurations samples to connect to an IXP.

Big changes also for the “News & Events” section: it will always updates with the automatic news feeds from members, and will be an archive for all details and events of EURO-IX.

During the next weeks it’ll be making regular updates and it will see new and improved features coming along.

Look at the new website on and the single page dedicated of TOP-IX.