BIG DIVE 5: registrations are officially open

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From June 6th to July 8th, the TOP-IX Consortium, in collaboration with ISI Foundation, ToDo and, organizes the FIFTH edition of BIG DIVE, a 5-week training program aimed at enhancing the technical skills needed to dive in the world of BIG DATA, extract value and generate social and economic impact. Registrations are open: early price until March 13th; standard price until May 8th.

Moved aside from the media hype, the term BIG DATA is now a prerogative of many services and products in the ICT sector (and not only). Although many open source players, as well as the big firms in the corporate market developed and released all-in-one platforms, tools, and software libraries to simplify and improve the efficiency of information management, the human factor continues to play a key role to create knowledge from data and to enable data-driven decision making processes.
Professionals skilled in handling the data and the complexity of the living web, on a technical side and/or on a management side, are daily requested by companies, start-ups and government institutions.
BIG DIVE from 2012 aims to address this pain, training professionals able to deal with the BIG DATA challenges.
In this highly competitive scenario (due to the proliferation of university tracks and master classes as well as punctual courses and bootcamps), the competitive advantages of BIG DIVE are the same pillars on which it was designed.

/ The “bits-on – hands-on” approach;
/ The value of teachers;
/ The intensive and multidisciplinary program;
/ The physical interaction in the classroom;
/ The International perspective;
/ The real dataset provided to the students for the final project;
/ The network created over the years in scientific and business fields.

The call to visit the site is obviously directed to wanna-be data scientists, but also hackers, computational designers, employees or founders in data-driven start-ups, PHD researchers, postdoctoral researchers and students interested in mastering the true nature of Data Science.

To quote the Diver Jonas Liechti: “Everybody who would like to swim in the ocean of data should go to Big Dive. Because if you do not want to drown you’d better learn how to ‘dive’.

Registration is open until May 8th (standard price), while you can take advantage of the early price until March 13th.