IXP promotional offer

IXP promotional offer
8 July 2016 TOP-IX Team
From July 1st TOP-IX has a promotional offer with following terms:
– NO recurrent fees on new services until Dec 31st
– NO more recurrent fees on port upgrade until Dec 31st
– NRCs still apply
– from Jan 1st 2017 Service Fees approved by the General Assembly will be applied
Offers applies to all services directly provided by TOP-IX (Ports, VLANs, colocation in edge PoPs)
Example: for new 1G port you will be charged only 250 € of NRC while for a 1G to 10G upgrade you will be charged 1.000 € of NRC and continue paying 6.000 € till the end of 2016 (in 2017 accordingly to new Service Fees)

For any additional information please contact staff@top-ix.org