BIG DIVE 6: registrations are officially open

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From June 19th to July 21st, the TOP-IX Consortium, in collaboration with ISI Foundation, ToDo and, organizes the SIXTH edition of BIG DIVE, a 5-week training program aimed at boosting the technical skills needed to dive in the world of BIG DATA, to extract value and to generate social and economic impact.

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Raw Data does not speak for themselves and machines, platforms, tools and software libraries are usually not enough. The human factor plays a key role to create knowledge from data, generate value and to enable data-driven decision making processes. We need professionals skilled in handling data complexity, on a technical side and/or on a management side.
BIG DIVE from 2012 trains professionals able to deal with the BIG DATA challenges. The aim is to provide skills in three areas: Development, Visualization and Data Science. To do so, BIG DIVE seven pillars are:
/ The “bits-on – hands-on” approach;
/ The value of teachers;
/ The intensive and multidisciplinary program;
/ The physical interaction in the classroom;
/ The international perspective;
/ The real dataset provided to the students for the final projects;
/ The network created over the years in scientific and business fields.

Registration will be open until May 14th (standard price), while you can take advantage of the early price until March 31st.