CLONETS call for tenders on opportunities of time distribution over optical fibre network

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A scientific and technological paradigm change is taking place, concerning the way that very high performance time and frequency reference signals are distributed, moving from radio signal broadcasting to signal transport over optical fibre networks.

The CLONETS project aims to accelerate the transfer of this new paradigm to industry and to strengthen the coordination between Research Infrastructures and the National Research and Education Networks, in order to prepare the deployment of this technology to create a sustainable, pan-European network, providing high-performance time and frequency services to European research infrastructures.
As Unfunded partner, the TOP-IX Consortium participates in the project and is part of the tender notice board recently launched by CLONETS, with the aim of creating a market study for equipment and services based on time and frequency distribution, on the fiber optic network.
CLONETS invites specialized companies to submit tenders in order to perform an independent market study on services which may be supported by time and frequency reference distribution over optical fibre networks, and the associated equipment. Proposals should guarantee a standard and professional result comparable to market studies available for other fields of research and technology. The market study will be subcontracted by Seven Solutions S.L. in the framework of the CLONETS project activities.

Areas of interest for this market study include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Telecommunications infrastructures.
• Energy networks.
• Space and Defence.
• Civil aviation.
• Transportation networks.
• Fintech.
• Other industrial users such as instrumentation manufacture.
• Public services.
The deadline for application is May 15, 2018. Here it’s possibile to find mode information.