Data, sport and Civic Technologies

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The month of September, for TOP-IX, starts with data, divided between sport and the third sector.

On September 18 we will be in Chiavari for the executive course “Football Data Analyst Training” powered by WyScout, in partnership with WyLab, which hosts the event, and TOP-IX, and with the collaboration of the University of Pisa / CNR. This is a non-technical course, aimed at concretely illustrating the potential of a data-driven approach in the football sector
After the “kick-off” centered on new professions in the world of football, TOP-IX will offer two food for thought: “From Data Hype to the new opportunities made possible by the use of Data and Algorithms” and “The tools, the environment and the workflow of Data Scientists”.

But already on 9 September, starts the course of CorDATA, a free training course conceived with the aim of developing awareness of the potential offered by the adoption of Civic Technologies and a Data-Driven approach in international cooperation organizations. The training course is organized by TOP-IX, ISI Foundation, Moxoff and HeartInData, and supported by Fondazione Cariplo and Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of the Innovation for Development project.
The course is structured in 7 non-consecutive days, of which 5 are training sessions, with interventions by national and international guests, and 2 laboratory sessions, led by tutors who are experts in the field. The class is formed: 35 students are participating, equally distributed between women and men, mainly coming from the sectors of International Cooperation and the Third Sector.

Still on the subject of data and the third sector, on September 19, TOP-IX will be in Trento, on the occasion of the sixth conference of the CUCS network (University Coordination for Development Cooperation), where he will be among the speakers of the afternoon session “Civic Technologies among Theory and Practice“.