TOP-IX is part of IDSA

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TOP-IX Consortium is now part of IDSA – International Data Spaces Association. This is another milestone in the path that has brought us to enter BDVA and to be Day-1 member of Gaia-X. The goal is to take an increasingly active role in the construction of the new European strategy as far as Cloud, Data and digital sovereignty.

IDSA aims at the definition of a common standard to build DATA SPACES, meaning common data spaces at sectoral level, in order to create ecosystems capable of facilitating the sharing and the exploitation of data by those subjects who until now have not been able to leverage the real potentiality of data.

As usual, TOP-IX contribution is aimed at enhancing the solid expertise and experience in the field of network architecture. “As an internet exchange we have enabled connections for 20 years – says Leonardo Camiciotti, Executive Director at TOP-IX –, now we aim also at empowering skills and infrastructure in order to support and boost a new generation of data and services collaboration”.

TOP-IX, thanks to its neutral and geographically distributed backbone, can be a natural candidate for the design and implementation of testing federated architectures aimed at sharing of data and computational resources.