Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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The TOP-IX virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure aims to deliver resources at various levels in “Best Effort” or “As a Service” mode.

Physical infrastructure

Server housing (space and rack units available in data center)

Infrastructure as a Service

Virtual machines and storage with scalable provisioning

Platform as a Service

Third party applications embeddable services

Software as a Service

Standalone tools and applications available for the end-users

The TOP-IX cloud guarantees and supplies resources in order to provide:

  • infrastructure support to start-ups supported by the Development Program;
  • infrastructure support to NON-PROFIT projects supported by TOP-IX;

  • resources for experimental activities and services performed with Consortium members;
  • resources for internal TOP-IX services.

The delivery of the above resources implicitly foresees the availability of high performance capillary Internet connectivity thanks to the Internet Exchange services and transit agreements with global Internet operators.