Corporate Innovation

The accelerated pace with which technology innovates and evolves requires companies to search constantly for personnel able to combine technical expertise with an entrepreneurial approach. Likewise, models adopted in the world of startups – based on brainstorming, the development of “progressive” prototypes and constant validation processes – are also applicable to corporate environments in order to help innovate specific product or service areas.

As such, the Consortium’s activities focus on:

  • creating a community of professionals with both specific technical skills and entrepreneurial “DNA”;
  • carrying out experiments and case studies that bring together the entrepreneurial approach typical of startups and the need for innovation inside companies;
  • providing technical support and advice on prototype development for specific projects along the lines of those adopted for web startups.


Smart Social Platform


The Smart Social Platform (SSP) is a digital application that aims at empowering common people. It promotes new forms of collaborations among private corporations, public administrations and citizens in order to create efficient and sustainable services in the field of management of public goods. A first prototype, IRENCollabora has been developed for the Gruppo Iren (one of the biggest Italian multi-utility by revenue).

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