Social Innovation

Technological innovation has contributed to an ever growing scale of connections worldwide. This, in turn, highlights how “complex” the world is becoming from a social, economic, political and environmental point of view. Individual ‘cogs’ in the global wheel interact and give rise to evolving dynamic forms of behavior. Similarly, the “digital tracks” produced by people and machines are captured by devices that provide us with an approximate, yet increasingly more faithful, overview of these natural and social processes.

The technology used as a tool to understand the world around us is therefore a potential engine capable of driving sustainable development and social innovation, and supporting how we allocate economic and natural resources, how we achieve the right balance in their allocation, and how we define policies based on the evidence and measurement of their impact.

TOP-IX is actively involved in the following areas:

  • organize events and activities to raise awareness and stimulate involvement;
  • organize educational programs and support for “social” entrepreneurship;
  • promote a “data driven” approach in how the impact of these activities is tested, accelerated and measured;
  • identify, evaluate and implement technological solutions to maximize impact;
  • work alongside local, national and international stakeholders who are active in the field of Social Innovation.

Social Renaissance


Social Renaissance defines a process aimed at spreading awareness as regards the growing weight of the “marginalities”, in order to set them back as the focal point of policy-making at any level, through innovative impact-driven models that combine new technologies and humanities, entrepreneurial approach and civic engagement. The result of that process will be new welfare models, evidence-based decision-making and innovative public-private partnerships in business, finance, voluntary sector and social entrepreneurship. As the first step in this “path” TOP-IX and Socialfare organised an international event.

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