The Legal and Economic face of BIG DATA – BIG DIVE open event

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The second open event inside BIG DIVE program

When: Friday, October 12th. 09:00 am – 01:00 pm

Where: Toolbox Coworking – Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2 – Torino ITALY

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BIG LAW grows bigger with BIG DATA

“The level of attention and sophistication companies are giving privacy and data security has escalated dramatically over the years,” said Kurt Wimmer, U.S. chairman of Covington’s global privacy and data security group. “It’s a response to the increasing attention regulators, plaintiffs lawyers, Congress and everyone else is giving privacy these days.”


Big Data and Open Data have significant technical implications, but also some interesting legal and economic aspects that need to be discussed and analyzed in order to get the complete picture. What is the legal framework of data management on the Web, and under which terms can data be shared and re-used? Which are the economic features, and what are the possible business models? During the lesson, we will address those issues, and we will discuss with the audience about real applications of Big Data and Open Data.


*Alessandro Mantelero, Assistant Professor of Private Law (Politecnico di Torino) and Faculty Fellow, Nexa Center for Internet & Society

*Federico Morando, Managing Director & Research Fellow, Nexa Center for Internet & Society

*Raimondo Iemma, Staff Research Fellow, Nexa Center for Internet & Society


[08:30 – 09:00] Welcome and registration

[09:00 – 09:45] Big Data: a legal perspective

[09:45 – 11:00] Law & economics of Open Data

[11:00 – 11:30] Break

[11:30 – 13:00] Open Data in the real world