Development Program

The Development Program is aimed at:

  • supporting the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • spreading the digital culture;
  • enabling the economic and societal growth.

DP follows an approach named Hands-on” & “Bits-on and it is based on “hard” infrastructure (network, cloud computing, platforms) and “soft” components (skills, data, national and international partnerships).


Bits-on” because the hypothesis validation is made thanks to the real infrastructural implementation based on Cloud computing platforms, enabling direct verification of technological (and economic) feasibility and sustainability of the plans.

Hands-on” because it supports an iterative learning process, based on the definition of measurable metrics, aimed at fostering growth and scalability.

Discover more about the DP by exploring the sidebar menu or contact the TOP-IX team to receive information on Development Program Fees and membership options:

Since October 2020, TOP-IX Consortium is part of the BDVA (Big Data Value Association) community. BDVA is is the private counterpart to the EU Commission to implement the Big Data Value PPP program.