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  • Venetian chronicles from the 33rd Euro-IX Forum

    The 33rd EURO-IX Forum opened yesterday morning in the wonderful setting of Venice Opening now the Euroix33. Top-ix is presenting the…

  • GAIA-X

    TOP-IX Consortium is GAIA-X day 1 member

    Today and tomorrow, the GAIA-X Summit is launching the European cloud computing platform, GAIA-X. TOP-IX Consortium is pleased to announce that…

  • TOP-IX is streaming partner of Biennale Tecnologia

    The TOP-IX Consortium is Streaming Partner of Biennale Tecnologia. The TOP-IX platform will host all the events and TOP-IX will also…

  • TOP-IX is part of the Kinetic Edge Alliance

    The TOP-IX Consortium has joined the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA). Together with the other member companies, TOP-IX will give its contribution…

  • TOP-IX between BIG DIVE and the Big Data Value Association

    BIG DIVE is in the middle of its journey. The intensive training program about Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning, Data…

  • Partnership between TOP-IX Consortium and Sparkle

    The TOP-IX Consortium has started a collaboration with Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top ten…

  • Network freeze summer 2020

    TOP-IX network freeze is scheduled from next Aug 10th to Aug 21th. For any new or upgrade request before the holiday…

  • TOP-IX will take part to “Tablets for good”

    Individuals who get COVID-19, get hospitalised and enter ICUs often don’t get the chance to call their families. The same thing…

  • Data, art and the beauty of mistakes

    Wild Mazzini, data art gallery in via Mazzini 33, hosts the exhibition “DATAGLITCHES – My favorite mistakes” by Giovanni Magni. The…

  • CorDATA2

    CorDATA2: applications are open!

    On June 3, the new training program promoted by Innovazione Sviluppo was presented and kicked off: it is an impressive opportunity…

  • TOP-IX webinar: what against DDoS?

    The TOP-IX Consortium organizes, on Thursday 11, from 11 to 12.30, the online webinar “Services and tools against DDoS attacks“, related…

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