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  • Venetian chronicles from the 33rd Euro-IX Forum

    The 33rd EURO-IX Forum opened yesterday morning in the wonderful setting of Venice Opening now the Euroix33. Top-ix is presenting the…

  • quantum-secure-network

    Quantum technology makes data and services safer

    An agreement between Italtel, TOP-IX and CSI Piemonte made it possible to test the first prototype of the new Italtel Quantum…

  • How to get the best out of your TOP-IX connection

    A couple of weeks ago I viewed on the Netnod twitter account a post linking to their blog post titled “How…

  • New connection with Lyonix

    Last week, a new direct connection was activated between Lyonix (operated by Rezopole) and TOP-IX. It uses the infrastructures managed by…

  • TOP-IX is on Service DB, the interconnection services portal

    TOP-IX is on Service DB, the first portal developed in Italy and dedicated to the research and offer of Wholesale services.…

  • Observations on the pandemic phenomenon through traffic analysis and Internet metrics

    The year 2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic as a protagonist, the necessary security measures adopted have led to changes in their…

  • Internet Traffic is still growing

    Measures linked to the COVID19 pandemic affect the needs and habits of the population. As a consequences we have seen the…

  • GAIA-X

    TOP-IX Consortium is GAIA-X day 1 member

    Today and tomorrow, the GAIA-X Summit is launching the European cloud computing platform, GAIA-X. TOP-IX Consortium is pleased to announce that…

  • TOP-IX is streaming partner of Biennale Tecnologia

    The TOP-IX Consortium is Streaming Partner of Biennale Tecnologia. The TOP-IX platform will host all the events and TOP-IX will also…

  • TOP-IX is part of the Kinetic Edge Alliance

    The TOP-IX Consortium has joined the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA). Together with the other member companies, TOP-IX will give its contribution…

  • TOP-IX between BIG DIVE and the Big Data Value Association

    BIG DIVE is in the middle of its journey. The intensive training program about Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning, Data…

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