The culmination of a Transformative Journey: Impact Deal Showcase, the Grand Finale

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As we approach the Impact Deal Showcase on November 23 during EVPA Impact Week in Torino, let’s take a moment to recognise that this event isn’t just a standalone moment — it’s the last chapter of a journey that began on May 31.

From May 31 until now: A Timeline of Impact

Back in May, these innovative enterprises set out on a mission to amplify their impact. Since then, they’ve tackled challenges, embraced new ideas, and committed themselves to make a positive difference. As Impact Deal acceleration program, we did our best to provide them with the tools, mentorship, and resources needed to grow.

For instance, it’s the case of volvero where we created the conditions to access proprietary data from Telco and Bank to boost their roadmap towards sustainable mobility.

Milestones Achieved, Challenges Overcome

These enterprises have hit some impressive milestones, from the program’s kick-off to the final preparations for the Impact Deal Showcase. They’ve refined their strategies, forged partnerships, and successfully raised funds.

To make some examples: one week ago, press releases announced that EIB would provide Xnext with €20 million venture debt loan to support research and development, and Relearn recently publicly disclosed a 1M seed round.

Showcasing Progress to Stakeholders

On November 23, these impact enterprises will share their stories with a diverse audience, including data providers, program partners, impact investors, and enthusiastic participants of Impact Week. They’re not just presenting their projects; they’re revealing the outcome of months of hard work and a relentless pursuit of impact.

Beyond the enterprises mentioned above, we will meet Bin-e, Dedalo AI, OPT/NET, Untap and Valuebin.

Save the Date for the Grand Finale

If you plan to attend EVPA Impact Week or are on the event’s registered list, you are already part of this journey. If this is not the case and you think you should be in the audience, write us at to secure the last available seats.