Impact Deal is back

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Impact Deal is back with its second edition. The Kock-off event promises a dynamic lineup of activities, including program introductions , stakeholder interactions, pitch sessions with investors, inspiring lectures on data and impact, exploration of the OGR Torino ecosystem, and a private visit to the captivating exhibition “Perfect Behaviors”.

The second day will feature team-building exercises , Agile approach training , and an opportunity to connect with the Impact Deal Data Club.

The journey of Impact Deal

The 15 chosen companies will dive into a series of online sessions over the upcoming weeks, immersing themselves in use cases and discovering best practices for data collaboration and impact.

This hybrid path is designed to prepare them for the Bootcamp scheduled for early July, culminating in the thrilling Data Pitch on July 7.

Following this event, a subgroup of enterprises will be selected to progress to the second stage of the program, spanning from September to November. We then move to the grand finale, the Demo Day , where these exceptional innovators will showcase their groundbreaking solutions.

The companies

For its second edition, Impact Deal selected 15 enterprises from 79 finalized applications coming from 20 countries.

Bin-e – The World’s first AI-based smart waste bin

Dedalo AI – Helping companies measure and reduce the CO2 impact of their software

Gocleer – Leading the transition to a more sustainable urban mobility

Kreios Space – Developing a fully electrical and sustainable engine for satellite

Mentessa – AI-powered peer learning platform for skill-based mentoring & collaboration

Opt/Net – AI platform that enables end-to-end monitoring, analysis and failure prevention of complex critical networks in real time

Paperbox Health – Overcoming accessibility barriers related to neurodevelopmental disorders

Planet Watch – Decentralizing, incentivizing and gamifying air quality monitoring, building the first immutable global air quality ledger

ReLearn –  Making the waste-free life accessible to everyone

XNext – Developing the most advanced real-time inspection system

The Predictive Company – SaaS solution for energy optimization & predictive maintenance based on AI

Untap – Providing a pathogen monitoring service to reduce transmission of infectious diseases within your community

Valuebin – Building the next generation’s sustainability algorithm, giving you the power to make more sustainable choices during your shopping

Virtuleap – Improving Brain Health with VR

Volvero – The app for sharing vehicles that leverages AI to improve user awareness.