Big Dive fifth edition wrap-up: stories and numbers

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The fifth edition of BIG DIVE ended officially in July, in this episode we had the participation of 22 Divers, from 5 different countries (Italy, Germany , USA , Switzerland and Poland). This year we have reached the number of 91 alumni who attended the five editions of the course organized by TOP-IX Consortium, in collaboration with the ISI Foundation, ToDo and Similarly, we count now 44 guest speakers who joined, in the past 5 years, the resident teachers team.

As usual, the course ended with the presentation of the Divers’ projects, developed by working on the datasets made available by Data Provider (CSI Piemonte, Dimar and Big Data Lab @Polito).
Project 1: Gino Almondo, Matteo Giaretti, Maurizio Mattioli, Adriano Pagano, Luca Ruzzola and Luca Tabone worked on a dataset containing loyalty-cards information trying to identify patterns and some predictive analytics about e-commerce and customer behaviors.
Project 2: Lorenzo Argante, Sinja Buri, Soren Heitmann, Riccado Rinaldi and Valentina Tortolini worked on a bunch of open datasets published on Smart Data Net platform. Thanks to the support of CSI Piemonte the goal of their project was a study about smart mobility in the City of Torino. Particularly focusing on Bike-sharing.
Project 3: Andrea Beccaris, Teresa Kubacka, Martin Müller, Davide Passaretti and Massimo Santi worked on a dataset provided by Dimar S.p.a.. The challenge was studying the impact of marketing promotions on the selling, particularly trying to anticipate which products are more likely to be sold out generating “holes” in the shelves and missing revenues.
Project 4: Antonino Barbera, Giuseppe di Bernardo, Andrea Flori, Giuseppe Gullo, Giacomo Leonzi and Enrico Ubaldi worked on a car-sharing dataset provided by Big Data Lab @Polito (containing data about Torino and other cities) focusing on data visualization and some advanced analytics based on the network science tools.

In addition to the Data Providers, a key role has been played by the Sponsors (BasicNet, Dimar and Reale Mutua) and by the Technical Partners (Agilelab, Amazon Web Services, Celi, Innovation Design Lab, ISMB, Nexa and Synapta Center).