Femme Forward Startup Founders successfully closed

By in Education, Start-up

Last week marked the successful conclusion of our Femme Forward Startup Founders training program –  a transformative 9 week journey filled with valuable exchanges and insights.

At Femme Forward, our mission has been to give our participants the tools and skills necessary to embark on a career in technology, establish a digital startup, or succeed within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Throughout the course, we explored deeply into crucial topics surrounding women’s empowerment in the fields of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Specifically, we initiated an exploration into the world of startups, drawing valuable lessons from success stories. The modules covered key aspects such as lean start-ups, business model canvas, circular economy, design thinking, marketing, legal fundamentals for startups, artificial intelligence, and much more.

A distinctive feature of our program was providing participants with the opportunity to apply these learnings through self-proposed projects, receiving valuable feedback from industry experts and mentors.

We are proud of  the achievements of our participants and are thrilled to have contributed to their professional and personal growth. A special thanks goes to all the teachers who shared their passion and vision with us during this journey. Their expertise improved the significance of the lessons, contributing to the overall success of the program.