Breaking Gender Barriers in the World of Technology: discover Future Start-up Founders

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In 2023, women still represent a small percentage of corporate technical roles and technology start-up founders. The Femme Forward initiative aims to break down this gender gap. In the following few lines, we will explain the Future Start-up Founders training course: a unique opportunity for women aspiring to be part of the tech entrepreneurial world.


Tackling the gender gap in the technology sector

Astonishingly, only 8% of European companies’ technical roles in cloud computing are held by women [Src. McKinsey]. Furthermore, the number of women founders of tech start-ups in Europe remains shockingly low, below 15% [Src. Startup Genome]. This situation highlights the urgency of breaking gender barriers within the technology sector.


The Femme Forward opportunity

Femme Forward’s Future Start-up Founders course offers women the opportunity to receive free training in technology entrepreneurship: a 60-hour programme over 8 weeks with content delivered online in live and asynchronous mode.


What you will learn

You will have the opportunity to effectively conceive and present your business idea, from the field validation of assumptions to elaborating a solid business model, from refining product development strategies to marketing tactics and the necessary technical fundamentals. 


A comprehensive training experience

The training will not be limited to theoretical lectures. Through interactive workshops, live and asynchronous lectures, tutorials, customised mentoring sessions and participation in talks and networking events, you will acquire both technical and soft skills. This holistic approach will comprehensively prepare you for the challenges of the entrepreneurial world.


Femme Forward is supported by the EU

The Future Start-up Founders course takes place within Femme Forward, an EU-funded project under the Erasmus+ programme and has a consortium of 15 partners, including TOP-IX, from industry, technology and education in 8 European states. 


How to participate?

The training will start on 6 November and will welcome 30 participants. No specific entry skills or prerequisites are required other than curiosity, dedication and the ambition to build one’s future as a technology worker and entrepreneur. If you are interested in this transformative opportunity, you can get more information and apply for selection by filling out this simple form where you can leave your details to be contacted by our team. Training will be delivered mainly in Italian.

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