Venetian chronicles from the 33rd Euro-IX Forum

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The 33rd EURO-IX Forum opened yesterday morning in the wonderful setting of Venice

After the presentations of the “landlords”, NaMeX, TOP-IX and VSIX, the forum has officially opened:

Data and speeches

In his speech, Bijal Sanghani highlights a significant data: the marked increase in companies and gaming companies in the European IXPs. In the meantime, VSIX shares the traffic data generated by the event. There is still space to present the fiber distribution of Open Fiber in Italy, then it’s time for the gala dinner.

This morning we start again: ready for Day 2 of the Euro-IX Forum.

Has been particularly appreciated the presentation of Nurani Nimpuno, focused on the displacement of an IXP supported by Asteroid in Nigeria.

And at the end, summing up …