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  • Time as a Service

    Agreement between Namex and TOP-IX for the provision of Time as a Service

    The Namex Consortium and the TOP-IX Consortium have signed an agreement for the provision of the Time as a Service…

  • Davide Calonico: president of the Consortium for third term

    The new board of directors of the TOP-IX Consortium confirmed Davide Calonico, Head of Division ‘Quantum Metrology and Nanotech’ at…

  • IXP federation

    Proposal for the Federation of IXPs and Cloud Providers.

    At the latest Euro-IX forum, TOP-IX presented a proposal to federate the Fabrics of geographically separated IXP’s. The proposal takes…

  • IXPs federation project for Structura-X

    The TOP-IX Consortium, as a Day-one member of Gaia-X and founding member of Structura-X, the Gaia-X lighthouse project involving 28…

  • Connections: data and innovation between art, science and technology

    Data artist Jer Thorp told us that a geological map can become a work of art and migration data can…

  • certificazione-sicurezza-ISO/IEC 27001

    TOP-IX achieves ISO27001 certification

    ISO/IEC 27001 is a widely known standard that defines requirements for an information security management system (ISMS), together with more…

  • TOP-IX among the founding members of the Ge-DIX Consortium

    The Genoa Data Internet Exchange (Ge-DIX) consortium was founded in September by the City of Genoa with Fastweb, BBBell, Liguria…

  • Holidays network freeze

    TOP-IX network freeze is scheduled from next Dec 20th 2021 to Jan 07th 2022. For any new or upgrade request…

  • The TOP-IX Consortium welcomes the new member Cellnex

    Cellnex is the main independent wireless telecommunications infrastructure operator in Italy and the largest independent telecommunications infrastructure operator in Europe.…

  • How we manage multilingual streaming

    The need for multilingual streaming events is increasingly pressing for those who have to manage events aimed at an international…