How we manage multilingual streaming

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The need for multilingual streaming events is increasingly pressing for those who have to manage events aimed at an international audience, for those who speak to several countries at the same time or have offices around the world.
We have faced this request in many events and we have adopted various solutions to meet it.

Multilingual streaming: a single player with movie (recorded) in English and subtitle selector for up to 12 languages

In the conferences of dealers of companies in the Stellantis group, in which the EMEA sales manager illustrated the 2021 business plan, there were 12 connected countries.

We have been provided with the video file and related subtitle files. Than, we have developed a subtitle publishing system to manage the selection of 12 languages in a single player. This way, the video stream did not stop when changing languages.

One player with video (recorded) and simultaneous translation selector in 6 languages

Another company was in need for simultaneous translation of the film. They gave us 6 different films, each with their own voice over.

So that, it was possible to choose the player’s preferred voice-over, with a language selector.

One player for each language (live events with simultaneous translator)

The multilingual streaming requested by the Berlinale, the Berlin Film Festival, included a player for each language requested: German and English.

We have created two distinct players, one for the German part of the site and one for the English part of the site. The audio streams were routed to the player in the corresponding language.