• service fees

    The new 2024 service fees

    We are pleased to announce the new Service Fees for the use of the interconnection infrastructure of the TOP-IX Consortium…

  • Network Freeze

    Network Freeze for Christmas

    TOP-IX network freeze is scheduled from next Dec 22nd 2023 to Jan 7th 2024. For any new or upgrade request…

  • Infrastruttura Nokia

    Nokia’s video on the new TOP-IX infrastructure

    The advantages of the new infrastructure were described at the “TOP-IX Talks” last May by Alessandro Galardini, Network Engineer at…

  • Time as a Service

    Time as a Service (TaaS): Aruba and TOP-IX join forces to offer synchronisation services

    Increasingly stringent requirements related to transaction tracking in areas ranging from finance to betting and trading, or involving online gaming…

  • The new service fees for 2023

    New Service Fees for the use of TOP-IX Consortium interconnection infrastructure come into effect. With the new platform, 100G ports…

  • TOP-IX among the founding members of the Ge-DIX Consortium

    The Genoa Data Internet Exchange (Ge-DIX) consortium was founded in September by the City of Genoa with Fastweb, BBBell, Liguria…

  • The TOP-IX Consortium at the Eurovision Song Contest

    The TOP-IX Consortium will take part at Eurovision Song Contest, alongside the City of Turin. In collaboration with Iren and…

  • Nokia 7250 IXR

    TOP-IX chose Nokia to scale its infrastructure and expand its service portfolio

    Nokia will supply 400GE IP routing platforms to enable TOP-IX to scale its regional interconnection and peering infrastructure both directly…

  • IXP in Europe: +87,5% in the last ten years

    The Euro-IX 2020 Report aims at give an overview of the current status of IXP deployment in Europe including. The…

  • quantum-secure-network

    Quantum technology makes data and services safer

    An agreement between Italtel, TOP-IX and CSI Piemonte made it possible to test the first prototype of the new Italtel…