The new service fees for 2023

By in InternetExchange

New Service Fees for the use of TOP-IX Consortium interconnection infrastructure come into effect.

With the new platform, 100G ports (in addition to 10G ports) are introduced, with the possibility of fractional access, according to the approved price list. The annual fee for 10G ports is 11,600 euros; the fee for 100G ports is disciussed by design.

There are discounts for multiple ports on the same PoP (same capacity and type): 10% on additional ports of the same type; 50% discount on port fees for Academic and Research Institutions.

A promotion is also active, with 50% discount for new ports and on the fee change in
case of upgrade (valid on the first calendar year).

However, 1G ports are no longer sold. Lower denomination capacities are possible only through resellers. However, all other services (marketplace and transport) remain unchanged.

All the news can be found at this link and here you can find the service description.