The new 2024 service fees

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We are pleased to announce the new Service Fees for the use of the interconnection infrastructure of the TOP-IX Consortium in 2024.

The activation of the ports is free for the consortium members. For peering services, non-consortium members can request the activation of 10G ports (activation at 1000 euros and annual fee at 2,000 euros) or 100G ports (activation at 2,000 euros and annual fee at 4,800 euros).

Some novelties for peering bands: the annual fee reduces for consortium members, while non-consortium members can benefit from the 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100 Gbps bands, paying an annual fee that ranges from 6,400 to 33,000 euros.

We also reduce the costs for the Marketplace. Regarding transport, we confirm a 50% discount on canons for Academic and Research Entities.

A novelty is represented by the Ethernet point-to-point connectivity service between nodes of Turin and Milan.

You can find all the novelties and a detailed description of the services at this link.