Streaming 2023: on-demand is growing

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In 2023, TOP-IX streaming saw the consolidation of the relationship with the University of Turin (we provide the streaming service since 2022). In addition, at the end of the year, started an interesting collaboration with Feltrinelli: we provided the live streaming of the presentations of two books, with authors connected remotely.

The numbers tell us that the on-demand traffic has grown significantly, compared to 2022, reaching 78 TBytes. Despite the growth in the number of events realized (over 200, against about 130 in 2022), the live streaming traffic has instead decreased, settling at 391 TBytes.

News on the streaming platform

Regarding the on-demand services, we have introduced some important innovations on the TOP-IX platform. We have provided a content acquisition mechanism that allows the automatic management of videos with multiple audio tracks and the distribution of content in multibitrate, in order to make the most of the potential of our system, both for live and on-demand content