Social Renaissance at Teatro Juvarra – Torino

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Social Renaissance:
Challenging Inequality Through Impact Innovation
Turin, June 26th 2014 Teatro Juvarra

The rapid changes in our social structure and in our way of life, along with the progressive shrinking of the welfare budget and the diffusion of digital technologies, have drawn the attention to Social Innovation at national, European and International level.
Growing inequality among different social classes, unbalanced wealth distribution, accelerated urbanization and environmental stress due to the world population growth require a different concept of “Social”.
From the traditional management of emergencies, minorities and inabilities considered as unavoidable collateral effects of a profit-driven development process, a new central role for the fundamental issues is required in order to enable a sustainable growth of society as a complex system.
“Social Renaissance” defines a process aimed at spreading awareness as regards the growing weight of the “marginalities”, in order to set them back as the focal point of policy-making at any level, through innovative impact-driven models that combine new technologies and humanities, entrepreneurial approach and civic engagement.
The result of that process will be new welfare models, evidence-based decision-making and innovative public-private partnerships in business, finance, voluntary sector and social entrepreneurship.
The City of Turin and the Piedmont region have a strong tradition in the field of Social Innovation, based on a dense network of players and on-going initiatives in the Social Entrepreneurship domain. Therefore, Torino aims at becoming a hub in the international network that merges experimental projects, policy-making initiatives and active knowledge on Social Innovation.

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