Do you wanna be a DATA SCIENTIST ?

Do you wanna be a DATA SCIENTIST ?
4 March 2015 Luca Indemini

TOP-IX, in collaboration with, ISI Foundation and Todo, has officially scheduled the fourth edition of BIG DIVE: from June 8th to July 10th, 2015.
BIG DIVE is a five-week course in the fields of DATA-SCIENCE and BIG DATA aimed at providing the skills to extract value from data and to generate impact through the use of software tools, data-visualization, machine learning, network-science and data-analysys.
The selection of the 20 Divers is OPEN (registration form available till May 3rd) as well as the hunting of Data-Sponsors who will provide the dataset and the “challenges” to be addressed in the course!
For more information (#BIGDIVE4 – @bigdive_eu)