The first quantum phone will start from Turin, thanks to Inrim

By in Consortium

Our consortium Inrim, the National Institute of Metrology Research, is developing a communication system (quantum phone), based on sending a single photon, that makes it impossible to carry out wiretaps. On the theme Europe will invest one billion euro in the next ten years.

The first quantum phone will become a reality in late 2016 or at least in early 2017. It will be carried out using the optical fiber, by sending photons individually, rather than in bundles. It is this particular which will make it impossible to intercept. Inrim is playing a central role in developing the project: by working together with the Swiss Id Quantique and Telsy (from Turin), Irim is helping to create a fully secure encrypted communication system: the single quantum element, in fact, is so fragile, that if it were intercepted would dissolve.
The European Commission has decided to focus on this challenge, announcing an investment of one billion in the next ten years.