The school is over: it’s time to make an assessment for the project Reconnections

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Another school year has ended and it is time to take stock. Also for TOP-IX. In fact, an intense year of collaboration with Riconnessioni – education to the future, a project by the Foundation for the School of the Compagnia di San Paolo, has ended.

Aimed at primary and secondary schools, Riconnessioni experiments with new system models and accompanies schools in the process of technological, organizational and educational innovation.
To arrive at a new didactics that can integrate the new technologies among the training tools, the main element is the fiber optic infrastructure to be brought to the Turin schools. The collaboration started with TOP-IX and Open Fiber is fundamental on this point.

At the close of the school year, 70 schools are activated by TOP-IX and about twenty are those that will be reached by the fiber-optic infrastructure in the coming months.