Quad9 DNS operational at TOP-IX

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Empowering its partnership with PCH, Quad9 (an open DNS recursive service for free security and high privacy) is now directly available at TOP-IX. Members and partners that are peering at TOP-IX with PCN network can have an advantage while having the service directly available. This means reducing latency and having a better user experience for Internet users.

Quad9 DNS service is operated by the Swiss-based Quad9 Foundation, whose mission is to provide a safer and more robust Internet for everyone. “Quad9 is pleased to announce our presence at the TOP-IX in Turin, where are providing DNS recursive resolver services to all participants of the IX and their customers – sais John Toss, General Manager of Quad9 -. Having connectivity to such a wide range of Italian and regional networks is a significant advantage to both Quad9 and our end users, as being at TOP-IX has brought down latency and improved reliability while keeping sensitive DNS recursive traffic within Italy for connected networks”.

And added:

We are excited to be part of the community of TOP-IX network participants, and look forward to continuing to see our traffic volumes and service improve as a result of our systems now being reachable via the TOP-IX peering fabric.

PCH, founding sponsor of Quad9, is the international organization responsible for providing operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system. Gael Hernandez (Director Edge Network Strategy and Planning at PCH) stated:

PCH upgraded its DNS node in Turin, the first we ever deployed in Italy, earlier this year. As a result, queries to our hosted resources have increase fivefold in less than a year. We are proud to serve the Piemonte region and its capital Torino since 2009.

For any question about how to get well connected to PCH network and benefit of Quad9 services, you cad directly ask our NOC at networking@top-ix.org.