Streaming Platform

TOP STREAM is the TOP-IX platform dedicated to streaming.

Streaming services for live and on-demand web TV, radio, and individual events, transmitted 24-7-365 with workflow in HD. Providing temporary terrestrial and satellite connectivity.

Web traffic exchange with almost all Italian and international suppliers enables the Consortium to guarantee:

  • high-performance Internet connection;
  • unlimited traffic in terms of number of viewers, duration and consumed bandwidth on dedicated players; suitable for any fixed or mobile device;
  • support for Flash Player, iOS devices and all RTSP-friendly devices, provided encoding is carried out in the correct format;
  • embeddable flash player on any page worked by our server.

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TOP STREAM guarantees the real-time transmission of contents via broadband for live events of any kind, from music to sport. This ensures the very best video quality.

In the absence of Internet connectivity, TOP-IX provides dedicated satellite connectivity.

Real-time stats on flow, access, timetables, hits and unique IPs are available at any time.


TOP STREAM provides:

  • a library system to distribute video material online;
  • the ability to encrypt and protect content based on geographical location;
  • secure online payment;
  • min disk space of 1 Terabyte with FTP access;
  • streaming server to distribute content.


From image coordination to the final graphics on the player, thanks to a workflow of customized research and design beginning by gathering information, selecting material, drafting the written texts and interviews, and the storyboard. Thanks to an editorial staff flanked by a technical team equipped with a mobile production control room, Topstream is able to follow the initial stages right the way through to the final filming and post production. Texts, titles, translations and video compositing enrich the published content.



Ten years’ experience of audio/video distribution has enabled TOP-IX to set up an organization capable of supporting public and private players and events both nationally and internationally.