Connection Lyon – Torino optimization

By in InternetExchange

The interconnection within Internet Exhange Points (IXPs) of Lyon and Turin upgrades from 1G to 10G thanks to Rezopole and TOP-IX.

This service improvement allows TOP-IX and Lyonix members to better manage the continuously growing traffic on their networks.

High Broadband access for economic players is now a requirement. Lyon – Turin interconnection, activated in 2008, has facilitated the traffic exchange (peering) along a new path, shorter and faster.

Benefits of interconnection

Members of the IXPs benefit of bandwidth and latency optimization and cost decrease. But interconnection has also brought many positive consequences for Rhône-Alpes and Piedmont. It brings also positive influence which energizes the entire area, not just in the IT industry. This “digital highway” has different “exits” that that distribute the benefits to the entire valley: interconnection attracts more enterprises, that need broadband as a requirement for their installation.

We upgrade the link in advance as we’re realized that some providers are not using it to avoid saturation. Going at 10G all our members are confident that they traffic will flow at high capacity and low latency within France and Italy” states Samuel Triolet, Rezopole Director.

Activities within France and Italy, especially Lyon and Turin, are growing. In addition to the construction of high-speed rail, the installation of high capacity connection of areas as Susa Valley and Maurienne area, which had been neglected until now. From 2008 with fist interconnection Lyonix TOP-IX, other links of this type have been carried and we’re proud to be pioneers.Luca Cicchelli, Internet Exchange Manager of TOP-IX.