Piemonte Visual Contest

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The History of Piedmont region through Open Data.

The Regional Council of Piedmont and TOP-IX Consortium organize Piedmont Visual Contest, a competition of visualization proposals based on public data released by Piedmont Region or by other administrations/privates, related to region activities.

The competition is in collaboration with the Open Data Committee of the Innovation Directorate of Piedmont region and it is supported by Pionero.it and by CheFuturo! as media parthers.

It will officially begin on September 20, 2013 and will be open to citizens, associations, communities of developers and / or designers (graphic and web), schools and companies of the European Union.

The goal of this contest is telling Piedmont history through public data heritage and visualizations.

Piedmont Visual Contest will be divided into two categories: Infographic and Data Visualization.

All useful information and competition rules will be available on www.piemontevisualcontest.eu