ITNOG On The Road: Workshop + Robotic Aperitif

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ITNOG On The Road“, the series of events aimed at promoting the growth of the Italian Internet community, arrives in Turin.

After the summer appointment in July in Rome, we are waiting for you in Turin on September 25th at the HQ of the TOP-IX Consortium.


The event will be divided into two parts: in the early afternoon, there will be a workshop on the BGP protocol held by:

  •  Flavio Luciani (aka Jimbo), NaMeX Chief Innovation Officer;
  • Massimo Durando (aka Katanga) TOP-IX Head of network engineering.

There are 22 places available and the course will be held in Italian.

At 7 PM we will move to the MURAZZI, along the PO River, in the brand new local RoboTO to have an aperitif served by NINO, the first robotic barman designed for the mass market.

The experimental bar was born from the project started by the Innovation Department of the City of Turin, Italdesign, Mercedes and Makr Shakr.

In RoboTO, you can try Lift-Bit, modular sofa designed by Carlo Ratti composed of hexagons adjustable through an app, which allows you to configure it in different forms: from armchair to chaise long and to bed. Also on the wall, Scribit, a wall printer that uses a thermosensitive ink to write, erase and rewrite indefinitely, will design the welcome for ITNOG.

Soon more details.