The TOP-IX Consortium becomes a member of LINX

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TOP-IX became a member of LINX, one of the world’s largest IXPs, based in London. As part of the participation, TOP-IX has connected to LINX the network related to the Development Program activities. The connection is made remotely, within the ConneXions Program, through the ITGate partner.

This highlights the multiplicity of the Consortium’s activities, grouped between IX (aimed at managing local IXP and other interconnection services) and DP (aimed at supporting new businesses and fostering economic-social growth), with related enabling infrastructures, included in the network presented externally with AS41364.

The connection to LINX offers TOP-IX the opportunity to:
– exploit the advantages of peering with the large number of networks present at LINX;
– take part to LINX community, which has a global participation;
– to promote remote peering among its members as a tool to increase the efficiency of its interconnections.