I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2020

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The 8th edition of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge will showcase top Startups from around the world who leverage value from Smart Data Marketing as the central selling point of their product or services. Success in a Data world means aligning a “dream team” and Ecosystem of companies that enable competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from Data. Never before has there been such a curiosity and need for large enterprises to understand and invest in the latest approaches and technologies that are on the horizon.

Why Enter?

· To gain global exposure to key decision makers in the marketing industry;
· To connect with potential investors and help propel your company to the next level of development – The Data Startup Challenge has been the catalyst for a number of large and exciting new partnerships;
· To engage this exclusive audience and for them to discover how your product can help them with their pressing business challenges;
· To present your work in front of our distinguished Jury members;
· To be center stage as one of the world’s leading Data Startups and potentially, winners of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge;
· To leverage press coverage of your company, product and service during the I-COM Global Summit;
· To use the industry recognized branding “I-COM Award Winner” across your internal and external communications;
· To enhance both personal and business reputations.

Entry Form

The I-COM Data Startup Challenge is specifically aimed at Startups who leverage value from Smart Data Marketing as the central selling point of their product or services, pertaining to Digital Marketing. I-COM defines a Startup company as follows:
· Product is live in the market, at least having one client = 1 case study
· The company is less than 4 years old
· Annual revenue is less than US$ 2.5 million

You can find the entry form here.