Impact Deal: 8 enterprises out of 15 access the next phase

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The first phase of Impact Deal Acceleration Program ended with the Bootcamp at OGR, culminating in the Data Pitch on Friday, July 7.

The 15 participating enterprises had the opportunity to gather valuable suggestions, pieces of advice, and explore potential collaborations. Additionally, they took part in two different workshops. The first one “Data Value for Social Enterprises” was delivered by Federico Bartolomucci – POLIMI. The second one, “Pitching for Purpose”, was led by Alessia Gianoncelli – EVPA.

The Bootcamp reached its climax with the Data Pitch, where enterprises presented their pitches in front of Impact Deal Partners and particularly the Data Club Members.

The final natural goal for the startups was to secure the opportunity to enter the second stage of the program and therefore to further collaborate with the Data Club.

Impact Deal

8 enterprises to the second phase

The 8 enterprises that have earned their spot in the second stage of the program are:

Bin-e Smart Waste Bin – Poland: “The World’s first AI-based smart waste bin”

Dedalo AI – Italy: “Helping companies measure and reduce the CO2 impact of their software”

Opt/Net – Netherlands: “AI platform that enables end-to-end monitoring, analysis and failure prevention of complex critical networks in real time”

ReLearn – Italy: “Making the waste-free life accessible to everyone”

Untap – UK: “Providing a pathogen monitoring service to reduce transmission of infectious diseases within your community”

Valuebin –  Italy: “Building the next generation’s sustainability algorithm, giving you the power to make more sustainable choices during your shopping”

Volvero – Italy: “Towards a more efficient and sustainable mobility”

Xnext – Italy: “Developing the most advanced real-time inspection system”

The Kick Off for the second stage of the Program is scheduled for September 14th.