TOP-IX, participatory ecology and SmartCitizen community

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TOP-IX Consortium, with IREN Group, is developing a digital platform for participatory ecology. Meanwhile it becomes sensor” in the community SmartCitizen.

As part of the collaboration with the IREN Group, TOPIX is developing a new digital platform for participatory ecology, that will be used for environmental education in schools.

The platform will allow students to use the sensors to measure the environment and share data between them. The project’s objective is to promote greater environmental awareness, through the use of digital technologies and the sharing of data.

To start a testing phase, TOP-IX began tracking its environmental data, entering the SmartCitizen community. The project is based on geolocation, Internet and free hardware and software for collecting and sharing data and develops within an ecosystem composed of the Smart Citizen Kit (SCK), the little box to collect data; RESTful API, which allows you to get the information from the devices and analyze them; a mobile app and the web community. The device, based on Arduino allows to detect carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NO2), the temperature, the humidity, the brightness and noise.

Here you can find, in real time, the data produced by our sensor.