TOP-IX will take part to “Tablets for good”

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Individuals who get COVID-19, get hospitalised and enter ICUs often don’t get the chance to call their families. The same thing happens to the elderly in retirement homes. Thousands of patients and elderly die alone without saying goodbye to their loved ones, due to lack of devices easy to manage with protection gears.
The same process can be applied to donate devices to public schools or families in need.

Starting from these reflections, the collective action program ApartButUnited organized “Tablets for good: devices & connectivity in COVID-19 times, and beyond.” (Free online webinar – Thu, June 25, 2020; 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM).

The aim is to understand the systemic barriers related to devices and connectivity and the current needs created by the pandemic and hear from the experts and creators of projects that effectively took action for these challenges and supported hospitals, retirement homes and schools.

Between the panel speakers, there will be Luca Cicchelli, Interconnection Manager at TOP-IX Consortium, that will share the stage with Feliciana Faiella, Founder at; Fabrizio Capocasale, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Board Member at Alumni at Cattolica, Founder and Coordinator at, and Sara Mosadegh, Academic Professor, Registered Nurse, and Healthcare Educator.
Host and moderator Meg Pagani, Entrepreneur and founder of

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