Introducing the DECICE project

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The DECICE project (Deep-Learning based Cognitive Computing Engine) aims to create a cognitive computing engine based on machine learning and deep neural networks to support the creation of autonomous intelligent systems. One of the main goals of the project is to create an information systems federation, a system in which different systems can collaborate and share information to provide a more accurate and complete response to user requests.

The project is funded by the European Union and TOP-IX is part of the consortium that developed the proposal.

The DECICE cognitive computing engine is based on the use of machine learning algorithms, a technology that has proven effective in many areas, such as image recognition and natural language.

The information systems federation created by DECICE will allow different systems to collaborate and share information, which will greatly increase the accuracy and completeness of the responses provided to users. In addition, this system will also allow for the management of large amounts of data, as each system will contribute with its own information and knowledge.

Another important aspect of the DECICE project is the creation of a Digital Twin, a virtual copy of a real system or process, which allows for simulating and analyzing the behavior of the system in question in order to optimize its performance.

The DECICE project brings together a team of leading researchers and industry companies from all over Europe, including universities, research centers and companies operating in different fields. Together, these partners will work to develop the DECICE information systems federation and to demonstrate its effectiveness through a series of demonstrations in real environments.

The kick-off event – the first in-person event – will be held March 28 and 29 in Göttingen.

To get real-time information on the project, you can follow the LinkedIn profile and the Twitter profile.