Tools and processes need innovating if we are to achieve synergies between traditional training methods and labor market dynamics.
On the one hand, large companies encounter low efficiency on a daily basis (e.g. in terms of time required) when employing traditional scouting and hiring models. On the other hand, startups need to be able to introduce people quickly into their production processes.

The speed with which technological trends develop and evolve ultimately means that the range of training activities on offer needs to be constantly remodeled, with the emphasis being placed firmly on field experience.

With this in mind, and thanks to experience gained over the ears, TOP-IX therefore concentrates its activities in the following areas:

  • Agile Development



An intensive LEARN-BY-DOING process focused on providing effective CODING plug&play skills to junior professionals in order to BRIDGE THE GAP between traditional educational models and companies/startup real needs.

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A five-week intensive training program to boost the technical skills needed to dive into the big data universe. Participants are trained in Data Science, Visualization e Development through lessons and real project development.

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