Quality Statements

The Quality Statements described below are the targets that the Consortium is committed to achieving in order to ensure its consortium members an adequate standard of quality.

TOP-IX Quality Statements are an intrinsic part of all services involving implementation, maintenance and management and, in particular:

TOP-IX is responsible for monitoring compliance with these set parameters and taking the necessary action to ensure compliance in the event that any deviation from these parameters is detected.


Service activation time is subject to the availability of ports of the type required by the infrastructure and, in particular, the platform making up the TOP-IX node in question. Specific cases based on customer requirements and implementation times can be summed up as follows:

  • Activation / port expansion on TOP-IX node, requiring no hardware expansion – required task performed in 3 working days.
  • Activation / port expansion on TOP-IX node, requiring hardware expansion – implementation time to be determined.
  • Activation / port expansion / and forecast / and planned customized interconnection – implementation time defined at project design stage
  • Termination of port on TOP-IX node – required task performed in 3 working days.


The Consortium has set the following targets for implementing changes:

  • 3 working days from receiving the request (complete with all necessary information).

The time required to implement the required changes to connectivity services provided through nodes not managed solely by the Consortium will be communicated following the request (based on a detailed check with the TOP-IX partner concerned).


The minimum service availability that the Consortium guarantees, based on one single port and measured on an annual basis, is equivalent to:

  • 99,95%.

This does not include maintenance and/or updates to the infrastructure planned in order to ensure reliability and optimize performance. These operations will be managed project by project, notified to Consortium members and planned with the objective of minimizing any impact on the services provided.