Time as a Service

Time As a Service

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TaaS provides a service for distributing INRIM time sample through TOP-IX optical fiber infrastructure on dedicated DWDM channels, totally separated from the other network services.

Service is performed with a protocol which is an evolution of Precise Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588v2, available on specific TOP-IX network devices dedicated to this service.

TaaS is strictly compliant with MiFID-II RTS 25 standard requirements regulated by the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority). That means 1 microsecond precision and UTC traceability within 100 microseconds.
Standard Service Level Agreement in terms of availability is 99,99% during Italian financial market opening hours. In any case the time frame can be negotiated with customers.


The service is currently available in these following locations:

  • Milano – BT
  • Milano – Infracom
  • Torino – CSI
  • Torino – ITGate

Different points can be added according to market demand.


With agreements with carriers already connected to TOP-IX, TaaS can be extended to different points with 1G or 10G Ethernet capacity.