• Cronache veneziane dal 33° Euro-IX Forum

    Nella splendida cornice di Venezia, si sono aperti ieri mattina i lavori del 33° EURO-IX Forum Opening now the Euroix33.…

  • Assistant Project Manager [ENG]

    “Join the TOP-IX Team as Assistant Project Manager: we are looking for humanist engineers and technological humanists, transversal thinkers, at…

  • Cloud and NetOps Engineer [ENG]

    “Join the TOP-IX Team as Cloud and NetOps Engineer: we are looking for the link between the evolution of the…

  • Davide Calonico: president of the Consortium for third term

    The new board of directors of the TOP-IX Consortium confirmed Davide Calonico, Head of Division ‘Quantum Metrology and Nanotech’ at…

  • service fees

    The new 2024 service fees

    We are pleased to announce the new Service Fees for the use of the interconnection infrastructure of the TOP-IX Consortium…

  • streaming

    Streaming 2023: on-demand is growing

    In 2023, TOP-IX streaming saw the consolidation of the relationship with the University of Turin (we provide the streaming service…

  • Berlinale

    Berlinale and TOP-IX: 18 years of partnership

    With the Red Carpet this afternoon (Thursday, February 15) at 5:30 pm, the 74th Berlin International Film Festival officially opens,…

  • Femme Forward Startup Founders successfully closed

    Last week marked the successful conclusion of our Femme Forward Startup Founders training program –  a transformative 9 week journey…

  • Network Freeze

    Network Freeze for Christmas

    TOP-IX network freeze is scheduled from next Dec 22nd 2023 to Jan 7th 2024. For any new or upgrade request…

  • Impact Deal

    The culmination of a Transformative Journey: Impact Deal Showcase, the Grand Finale

    As we approach the Impact Deal Showcase on November 23 during EVPA Impact Week in Torino, let’s take a moment…

  • Infrastruttura Nokia

    Nokia’s video on the new TOP-IX infrastructure

    The advantages of the new infrastructure were described at the “TOP-IX Talks” last May by Alessandro Galardini, Network Engineer at…