Application process for the fourth edition of BIG DIVE has now OPENED!

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TOP-IX renews its commitment in the training of data-driven professionals this year too: the tool is obviously BIG DIVE, the intensive 5-week course aimed at teaching the three key topics for data valorization: visualization, coding and data science.

Never change a winning team! The partnership with, ISI Foundation and TODO is proudly confirmed. Similarly the program is basically unchanged, with some small improvements, and it includes theoretical lessons, practical exercises and guest lectures.

The declared goal for the fourth edition is a greater focus on the final projects, they will be based on the datasets provided by the sponsors of the initiative. Together with the dataset the data-providers will be asked also for concrete challenges or real on-field possible implementation in order to maximize the impact.

The framework of the ingredients is in fervid evolution, nevertheless the most important components will be the students with their different cultural and working  backgrounds .

A new adventure is coming!
All the info about BIG DIVE 4 and the registration procedure are available on the site