A conference and an exhibition to understand the Datapoiesis

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OBJECTIVE is the first datapoietic object. An object whose essence depends on data and computation. OBIETTIVO is a data sculpture.

“OBIETTIVO is a lamp animated by data that will stay on until extreme poverty in the world will not fall below a certain threshold. It is a totemic object around which to gather and “feel” poverty as it emerges from the planet – say Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, authors of OBIETTIVO -. This is the meaning of Datapoiesis”. The lamp is animated by data from different sources such as UNDP, World Bank, OCED, World Poverty Clock.

Acquired in July by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 20 years of the Farnesina Collection, OBIETTIVO in Turin is an exhibition, a round table and a new urban ritual designed to make us more sensitive to poverty.
On Monday, October 28, everything start at Circolo dei lettori, with the round table “Datapoiesis. Global Sense-abilities, data-driven urban ritual and poverty” – speakers: Simone Arcagni (associate professor at University of Palermo; journalist); Alessandro Bollo (dir. Polo del ‘900); Leonardo Camiciotti (Top-ix); Tiziana Ciampolini (dir. S-nodi, Agenzia di sviluppo torinese per l’innovazione contro la povertà), Davide Fuschi (art director Wild Mazzini); Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico (AOS/HER); Catterina Seia (vice president Fondazione Fitzcarraldo).
Free event with free admission subject to availability: registration is recommended here.
At 7 pm we move to Wild Mazzini for the opening, lighting and ritual sonorization of OBIETTIVO, that will be open to the public, from 4 pm to 8, from Tuesday 29th October to Sunday 3rd November 2019, at Wild Mazzini gallery. From 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm, for the duration of the exhibition, it will be possible to participate to the ritual sonorization of poverty in the world.