Internet Traffic is still growing

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Measures linked to the COVID19 pandemic affect the needs and habits of the population. As a consequences we have seen the growth of Internet traffic, which on the TOP-IX platform, on 12 December, recorded a peak of 220 Gbps.
Two interesting aspects can be seen in the weekly exchanged traffic graph. Due to the more intensive use of integrated distance learning and smart working, after 9 am, the traffic reaches values significantly above 100 Gbps. Furthermore, in the evening there is a peak for the use of content on the various streaming platforms
As we can see in the Yearly Exchanged Traffic graph, the peak exchanged traffic has steadily reached values above 200Gbps. In the grapfh it’s possible to see the impact of the two lockdow, in spring and autumn. Furthermore, we can see the growth in average traffic over the year, close to 100 Gbps.

TOP-IX yearly traffic overwiev

You can see the traffic trend on the TOP-IX platform at this link.